offering overwater climbing adventure for "monkeys" of all ages by providing a fully floating ropes course


The MonkeyMagnificence

Aqua Chimp can be installed on any kind of waterbody with a minimum depth of 2.5m as the structure is fully floating. The safe use of Aqua Chimp is possible up to a wave height of 1m. Aqua Chimp is challenging and exciting, on the first use and all the following.


Highly durableExtended 5 year warrantySustainable in every aspectBlends into natural surroundings


Low operating costLow maintenance costFast return on investment


Flying ZiplineVarious climbing featuresModular extendable setupFully floating


High degree of customer safetyNo climbing equipment needed




The so-called features are the individual climbing elements that are located between the poles. They are easy to attach and screwed to the poles or to the upper crossbar. The features can be varied as desired and are easy to exchange. Those with ropes are available in the color options shown above.

Flying Zipline

with 0E fetch back system

Aqua Chimp’s optional zipline is an absolute world first and the icing on the cake when it comes to the fun factor. Completely floating, completely above water.