First Aquachimp Wild Shore Delamere

Foxlake was started in Dunbar, Scotland (25 miles east of Edinburgh) in 2012 with only a System 2.0 wakeboard cable and has constantly grown since. As the first ever low height climbing park above water Foxfall was added to the venue in 2013. It has been the driving catalyst for transforming Foxlake from a lifestyle business into a credible and progressive organisation. The focus hereby always remained on the customer experience and customer satisfaction through properly trained staff.

Waterclimb Triolago

Germany’s first Aqua Chimp has been set up in Riol on the Moselle in spring 2021. Here, in a region dominated by tourism, the combination of a floating ropes course connected to the existing wake park is being used.


Schmelmer Hof Beach Club

In Bad Aibling, southern Bavaria, young and old can let off steam in our floating jungle at the Schmelmer Hof Beach Club since late summer 2021. An Aqua Chimp with a view of the Alps awaits you here, extending the existing 2-mast wake park.