Encouraged by an eco-friendly concept, sustainable business model and great market potential, Aqua Chimp started the journey of developing a unique product series for overwater ropes courses in 2018.

Aqua Chimp’s basic framework consist of an over- and underwater steel construction and big HDPE floats, similar to an open sea buoy. HDPE creates no harmful emissions during its production or during its use by the consumer. Also, HDPE leaks no toxic chemicals into the soil or water. In between the buoys there are exchangeable climbing elements, the so called “features”. They consist of steel core polypropylene ropes (PP) and recycled plastics. Polypropylene is approved for use with food and beverage storage. Polypropylene plastics can be re-used safely.

The platforms on top of the buoys are made of EPDM, which is leach resistant and contains no toxic substances, so it’s perfect for fish, plants, birds and associated wildlife. Aqua Chimp and its partners implement the idea of environmental protection during all project cycles, even during the production and through short transport distances. We keep emissions low, even and especially during recycling. Of course all parts are manufacturered under fair labour conditions.